Rough Night (2017)

So, I must begin with an apology for not keeping up to date with movies that I’ve seen lately. I had taken some time off to go see my brother in Toronto (a week to be exact) together we did a whole bunch of site seeing as well as movies.

We had the pleasure of enjoying a very light comedy chick flick “Rough Night”. Which to be honest I figured would be a girl version of ” The Hangover”. Its not.

Please give the movie a chance. Its somewhat fast past, cute, funny, and it has a great cast. You have women like Scarlett Johansson (a dime in my books) there’s absolutely nothing I would change about that women. She can be cute, sexy, strong, she portrays any role that is given to her with grace and beauty.

Another one of my favorites in this movie has to be Kate Mckinnon. I must admit… I only knew of Kate from when she interpreted Ellen Degeneres, and I loved her then. This movie she plays “Kiwi/Pippa” one of “Jess” (Scarlett Johansson) friends from Australia. Her accent is quite nice; subtle but absolutely adorable.

The story line of the movie is also good, but it has a lot of predictability. You can guess whats going to happen before it even does. Be warned however, you must stay til the very end of the credits because it does have a last minute scene. Which if you pay attention to the drama in the movie, your questions will be answered.

Maybe not the best movie of 2017, but something you definitely could consider if you don’t have anything else to watch.

I sentence all the women in the world to at least have one wicked fun night, like the one showed in this film. Also for Kate Mckinnon to continue to be her wonderful self and to keep on bringing joy and laughter to everyone.



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