Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) (2017)


Based in the 1920’s Cable Girls, or it’s original Spanish title “Las Chicas del Cable”, follows four young women’s from different background who get hired as operators at the largest telephone company in Madrid, Spain. This show’s protagonists take its viewers on a wild ride shining a light on the struggles women faced back in the 1900’s when it comes to love, working privileges, poverty, and male misogynism at it’s highest. The show’s first season circles the story of Alba (

The show’s first season circles the story of Alba (Blanca Suárez), a girl who’s dark past comes back to haunt her. Alba is caught in a criminal act and is bribed by a dirty cop to bring down the countries largest telephone company and steal a large sum of money, in return for her freedom and the malicious cop’s silence. Alba manages to get herself hired at the company with the alias named Lidia, but soon runs into high stake troubles when she finds out Franciso (Yon González) an ex-lover, who she never thought she would see again, turns out to be her new boss. The show introduces you to a charming group of players that get caught in Lidia’s continuously tangled web, as a novel of lies and deception propel an intriguing story to poor Alba’s fight for freedom.

The shows is a sexy, passionate, fun thrill ride of events. I could not put my Apple TV control down. I guess you could say I binged the entire first season in a night, dreaming I would somehow teleport to the world of Cable Girls and kiss Yon Gonzales till I die from affixation! High on the drama like a really well done guilty pleasured telenovela, Cable Girls is a must see.

I mean it!! DROP what you’re doing, stop reading this and go on over to Netflix and pop out the popcorn, cause if you’re a sucker for quality troubled romance your gonna be at it for a few hours.

The Verdict: A perfect angry bird flirt, wink and kiss!!! Oh, WAIT….. sad face!

giphy (1)

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

NOTE: The show is in Spanish. There are options for English dubbing or English subtitles. I recommend hearing Yon Gonzales sexy Spanish voice and read your heart away.


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